Date: 29/May/2020
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Computer diagnostics
- The company has indoor service shop for heavy vehicles (trailers and additional) of approximate 1.000    m² with under-vehicle canals and 10-ton-capacity crane.
- The company is an authorized repair service partner of the company Schmitz Cargobull
- The company owns vehicle diagnostic equipment of the well- known producers for truck and trailers
- Within its vehicle repair shop we also sell and maintain proper air tire inflation for heavy vehicle.
- All qualified employees have been trained and certified by the authorized vehicle and equipment   producer institutions.
Your appointment
We do our best in reference to deal settlement and it is of great assistance for the company that one arranges an appointment ahead and sticks to the scheduled time. In case that you need car repair please contact the following numbers:

Tel:        ++387 35 231 060
Fax:       ++387 35 644 800

Schedule your vehicle check and repair:
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