Date: 29/May/2020
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Road transport
Road transport - covers
- The company owns 9 trucks (truck tractor+ semi trailers) for transportation of bulk   products of capacity 25 tons with loading unit dimensions 13, 6 m x 2, 5 m x 2, 72 m

- All company’s vehicles ( truck tractors+ semi trailers) have licenses for international   transport as well as ADR license for carrying dangerous and inflammable goods, of   class 1-6 and 8-9.

- All carrying vehicles are EKO-5

- The company has a necessary number of CEMT permits for international transport   (Austria, Italy and other European countries)

- All vehicles maintain carrier liability insurance as well as insurance for goods in the   amount of EUR- 100.000,00 (with possibility of increase in the amount upon   agreement)

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