Date: 29/May/2020
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Road transport
Road transport - liquid fuels
- The company owns 27 trucks (truck tractor + semi trailers) for transportation of oil   products (white products) equipped with electronic  flowmeter of approximate   capacity 30.000 to 36.000 liters per semitrailer or full approximate capacity of   700.000 liters per shift.

- All tank trucks have top and bottom loading. A number of 5 semi-trailers have   cross- loading fuel pumps.

- The company owns 4 delivery vehicles (fuel-tank trucks) equipped with electronic   measuring equipment, of approximate capacity 5.000 to 16.000 liters, out of which 1   vehicle with trailer (fuel tank truck) of capacity 16.000 liters. All vehicles are equipped   with ADR of class 3.

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